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Lustrous Law | Henk ten Voorde
Henk ten Voorde
Partner / Civil law notary
Lustrous Law | Carole van Kesteren
Carole van Kesteren
Partner / Legal consultant
Lustrous Law | Ilonka Brouwer
Ilonka Brouwer
Deputy civil law notary
Lustrous Law | Christian Brozius
Christian Brozius
Deputy civil law notary
Lustrous Law | Dewi van de Grint
Dewi van de Grint
All-round assistant
Lustrous Law | Anthonia Tulis-Anindjola
Anthonia Tulis-Anindjola
All-round assistant
Lustrous Law | Team | Students and trainees

Law students & legal trainees

Our lustrous team is furthermore enhanced by a team of law students and legal trainees
Lustrous Law | Team | Open vacancy

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