Carole van Kesteren

Lustrous Law | Carole van Kesteren

Carole is a partner and legal consultant at Lustrous Law. She was born in Delft and grew up in the Rotterdam area. With more than 25 years’ experience in national and international corporate law practice at Loyens & Loeff in Rotterdam and at a midsize firm of lawyers and civil law notaries in Amsterdam, she and Henk ten Voorde set up Lustrous Law in 2010.

As a legal consultant, she has specialized in national and cross-border corporate law, M&A, finance transactions and private equity for national and international companies and individuals. She also has considerable experience in setting up, completing and maintaining international structures in the Netherlands. She is a member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) and of the Royal “Industrieele Groote Club” in Amsterdam. Furthermore, Carole is a member of the WTC Business club and frequently asked for all kind of promotion activities for the Zuidas area in Amsterdam.

Her work focuses on a number of jurisdictions including but not limited to various EU countries, Central and South America and Asia. This means that she often travels to these countries to visit existing and potential clients and their advisors there. She regularly gives presentations on legal matters relating to national and international corporate law, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Carole has a worldwide huge network of professional advisors.

She likes travelling, attending sports matches and concerts and is above all genuinely interested in other people and cultures. Carole currently lives across the Amsterdam Vondelpark, but recently bought an apartment in the Amsterdam Eastern Docklands which is currently being developed and under construction. While cycling and walking through the city of Amsterdam, Carole enjoys the city’s architecture and interior. Quite frequently she can be found on a terrace.

Carole has recently been appointed as chairperson of the foundation named Stichting Vrienden van Happy2move affiliated with the foundation named Stichting Happy2move, which organizes after-school activities for mentally and physically impaired children and terminally ill children.