No company or institution is too big or too small.
It doesn’t matter where you are located or in what industry you are active.
Lustrous Law is happy to assist and to work with you.

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We are engaged as civil law notary by several international groups and large enterprises.

We have a thorough knowledge of the structures of these companies and are well acquainted with the people who work there. That allows us to act efficiently and effectively, as an extension of their general counsel, controller or management. We are always anticipating the needs of those companies. We also assist these companies should they have foreign shareholders or subsidiaries in other jurisdictions. We are familiar with the requirements and expectations in a substantial number of foreign countries.

Lustrous Law assists companies with the practical aspects of formal regulations. We provide assistance, for instance, with corporate housekeeping and notarizations of documents


Lustrous law has specialized experience in dealing with high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs. Often, they have accommodated their assets in cross-border company structures.

We work together with other advisors to adjust these structures to ever-changing views and circumstances. Solid and skilled, also across borders. Creative yet thorough. Discrete and dedicated.


We are working for clients in almost all sectors of the international economy. However, in our client portfolio there are quite a few very large groups and enterprises active in the natural resources sector and we have therefore developed an awareness of the needs of this group of clients.


The hustle and bustle of the Amsterdam World Trade Center are inspiring. Because of its central location Lustrous Law can keep the lines of communication short and direct.

At very short notice we can legalize signatures and issue statements for foreign contract parties or government agencies about the existence of a Dutch legal entity or the authority to bind this entity. Within 24 hours (sometimes even quicker), those legalizations or statements may be provided with apostilles. If necessary, we may also arrange for super-legalizations up to the embassy of a foreign country in the Netherlands or Belgium.

Issues relating to the powers of representation and existence of a Dutch company may also arise when it has foreign shareholders or subsidiaries in other jurisdictions. We have broad experience in many diverging jurisdictions and maintain good contacts almost everywhere.






As we also have experienced the start-up phase, we are well aware of how important and pleasant quick and excellent service is. Like no other we appreciate that high liquidity and low costs are often essential for starters. Let us help you out. In our experience working for startups is rewarding and inspiring. We would like to grow with you and join you on your journey.


Amsterdam grows and welcomes international newcomers every day. These international newcomers are often required to provide legalized (notarized) documents to several authorities. We assist international newcomers and expats with getting documents legalized, but also with the incorporation of Dutch companies.

Legalizations of documents can be arranged for while enjoying our spectacular view from our meeting room over a cup of coffee and good company of people who will inform you of non-touristic must visits in Amsterdam.

Lustrous Law is a proud partner of IN Amsterdam (formerly Expatcenter Amsterdam). We are conveniently located in the same building as IN Amsterdam, so we’re only an elevator ride away.


Over the years the partners and associates of Lustrous Law have been serving a number of institutions and authorities. Not only institutions in education and health care, but also public charities, private foundations and cultural institutions.

The partners specialize among other things in the participation by authorities in private law entities (which participation is subject to certain limitations). In addition, they advise on and implement reorganizations and semi-commercial structures.


Lustrous Law is a law firm with civil law notaries, but without attorneys or solicitors. Conversely, there are also law firms without (Dutch) civil law notaries. For those firms we provide assistance on transactions while respecting the relationship between the other law firm and its clients. Our assistance includes support in the due diligence process, consultations about transaction structures, but also of help preparing the signing of contracts or the implementation (closing or completion).

We can incorporate a new entity very quickly and smoothly, and will be happy to provide you with our input on the draft closing agenda or answer queries on the Dutch law aspects of a transaction. Regardless whether it concerns a merger or acquisition, a strategic or financial participation in another company or a finance transaction. Our office has many years of practical experience and knowhow.

Interested in what we can do for you and your (potential) business?