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A brief introduction to Lustrous Law

The founding of a civil law notary firm with a focus on
(cross-border) corporate law named: Lustrous Law
The founding of…

Lustrous Law was founded by Henk ten Voorde and Carole van Kesteren in 2010. After having experienced working at large and midsize law firms in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Henk and Carole decided to start their own fully independent civil law notary firm in Amsterdam. A brand new and lustrous law firm at the Zuidas, the business district and financial hub of Amsterdam, was established accordingly.

When they formed the idea to start their own firm, it was clear that Carole and Henk wanted to do it differently from what they have experienced in their earlier careers and what may be qualified as, let’s say, the traditional manner: just sitting behind their desks and creating legal paperwork did not suit them right. From the very beginning Henk and Carole travelled all around the world to visit existing and potential clients, to attend conferences and to give presentations. It even became their aim to visit all countries where Lustrous Law’s clients are located.  To accomplish this goal Lustrous Law’s partners and staff still travel to various countries on a regular basis. By this, they have built well valued relationships with existing clients and an extensive (inter)national network of advisors and other contacts all over the world.

… a civil law notary firm…

Lustrous Law is a law firm, more specifically a notary firm. Like in other countries in continental Europe, a civil law notary in the Netherlands is a government appointed service provider with a university law degree, who by law is exclusively competent to effect certain transactions for clients. In the Netherlands, the transfer and mortgaging of real estate requires a notarial deed and last wills generally have to be drawn up in the form of a notarial deed as well. In Dutch company law, a civil law notary must – inter alia – be used for the incorporation of companies, the transfer of shares and legal mergers.

… with a focus on (cross-border) corporate law…

Lustrous Law is primarily focused on corporate law. We draft and review contracts. We execute notarial deeds, issue legal opinions and prepare corporate resolutions: in short, we provide legal certainty. We advise on complex legal issues. We assist in transactions. Where necessary, we manage and coordinate foreign lawyers, notaries and tax advisors, but also Dutch specialists in other areas of legal expertise.

Often in close cooperation with a client’s tax advisors and external auditors we design and review plans to restructure a company or a group of companies or to promote share or option plans for employees. Subsequently, we implement those plans as well.

We incorporate companies, or help them cease to exist, we convert them into legal forms under foreign jurisdictions, merge them with other companies (also cross-border), demerge them, wind them up and assist in their liquidation. If necessary, we amend articles of association, transfer shares, issue new shares or pledge shares to a bank.

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… named: Lustrous Law

We are often being asked about the meaning of the word “lustrous” in our firm’s name. We are aware that it may not be a word that is often used, but the answer can be found in any English dictionary.

uk​/ˈlʌs.trəs/ us​/ˈlʌs.trəs/
very shiny, brilliant

We cordially invite you to work with our team and to experience the lustrous side of all of our team members yourself.

Our history



Lustrous Law’s founders are proud to be working with a variety of staff members including deputy civil law notaries, a compliance officer and (legal) assistants, all serving the wishes and needs of clients located around the world.

1 April 2020

10 year anniversary

On 1 April 2020 Lustrous Law celebrates its 10th anniversary. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to cancel our celebrations, to be scheduled to a later moment in time.

1 April 2019

Kick-off “decade” celebrations

On 1 April 2019 Lustrous Law celebrates its 9th anniversary, meaning that Lustrous Law runs its 10th year and has kicked-off the celebrations for its second lustrum and first decade in business.

7 March 2019

Lustrous Law expanded with an assigned civil law notary

One of Lustrous Law’s staff members is appointed as assigned civil law notary. Due to this appointment Lustrous Law’s capacity for signing official deeds and documents has expanded significantly.

26 March 2018

Lustrous Law team ends as runner-up in famous pub quiz

Amsterdam is (also) famous for its pub quiz culture. One of the most challenging takes place in Café Schinkelhaven. A Lustrous Law team ended as runner-up, the other Lustrous Law team – unfortunately – ended last but one. Winning would – apart from the honor – have meant free drinks for the evening.

2-4 September 2016

Lustrous Law staff trip to Athens

After the Greek (euro)crisis has been resolved, it is time for Lustrous Law’s staff members to visit Athens: meeting Greek business people, topped off with a day on the beach, Athens nightlife and a visit to the Akropolis. This trip fits in a tradition of bi-annual foreign staff trips (Milan 2012, Sevilla 2014, Belgrade 2018), while in the uneven years such staff trips have a destination in the Netherlands (Vlissingen 2013, Noordwijk 2015, Nijmegen 2017). Destinations for 2019 (Netherlands) and 2020 (abroad) have not yet been disclosed to the staff members.

21 June 2016

First Lustrous Law baby is born

For the first time, a current Lustrous Law staff member gets a baby. It’s a girl!

1 April 2015

5th anniversary

To celebrate Lustrous Law’s fifth anniversary, staff members hand over a piece of art which stands for unity to Lustrous Law’s partners.

1 December 2014

Lustrous Law receives business newspaper award as fast growing enterprise

The Dutch business newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad grants Lustrous Law a Gazellen Award as fast growing enterprise. Lustrous Law qualifies – inter alia – because it has realized a growth in revenue of 20% in each of three consecutive years.

12 July 2012

European Court of Justice allows full cross-border conversion of legal entities

In the VALE-case (C-378/10), the European Court of Justice (ECJ) rules that EU Member States may not restrict inbound cross-border conversions of companies. The Netherlands was one of the countries in which such restrictions existed. Earlier – in the Cartesio-case (C-210/06) – the ECJ had already decided the same for outbound cross-border conversions. This allows for more cross-border work, certainly also for Lustrous Law.

1 July 2011

A partner of Lustrous Law quoted in the largest newspaper in the Netherlands

For the first time in Lustrous Law’s brief history, a partner of Lustrous Law is quoted by De Telegraaf, the largest Dutch newspaper, on the abolishment of the requirement to have approval of the Dutch Minister of Justice for the setting-up of companies. This abolishment generally led to a reduction by 40% in costs of setting-up a company and a much quicker and easier procedure.

1 February 2011

Moving up, sky high

Lustrous Law acquires an office on the 25thlevel of the World Trade Center in Amsterdam, with stunning views from one of city’s highest sky scrapers.

20 December 2010

Peer review passed with flying colors

Lustrous Law passes its first peer review with flying colors. These peer reviews are prescribed by the Royal Dutch Notary Organization and aim at establishing good practice, both in terms of firm management and compliance with applicable legislation. Similar results are achieved in subsequent peer reviews in 2014 and 2017.

1 November 2010

Official opening event “Crossing Borders”

Lustrous Law celebrates its founding during an opening event in the Amsterdam World Trade Center attended by clients, advisors, friends and family, with a famous Belgian attorney and law professor as keynote speaker about cross-border conversions.

1 June 2010

Number 1 position in Dutch M&A league table

Lustrous Law scores a number 1 position in the Dutch M&A league table for a deal with a value of USD 300 million, outranking all major Dutch and international law firms in the Netherlands for the month in which the deal took place.

1 April 2010

Lustrous Law founding

Henk ten Voorde and Carole van Kesteren founded Lustrous Law.

What can we do for you, today?
Lustrous Law deals with all aspects of (cross-border) corporate law. We have wide experience in both national and international corporate law matters and in that sense we cross borders at ease.