Ilonka Brouwer

Lustrous Law | Ilonka Brouwer

Ilonka is a deputy civil law notary at Lustrous Law. During her studies at the University of Amsterdam she did an internship at a notary firm in Amstelveen and she lived some time in Barcelona to improve her Spanish. After obtaining her master degree in notarial law, she started as a deputy civil law notary at a firm with a focus on family law.

In 2015 Ilonka joined Lustrous Law where she specializes in the various facets of (international) corporate law. She is experienced in assisting with setting up and restructuring both small and large enterprises. With her knowledge of the Spanish language she is able to read and prepare all kind of (notarial) documents in the Spanish language, which of course comes handy when working with advisors and clients located in Spain and Latin America. Furthermore, Ilonka provides guidance to the team of legal assistants.

In her capacity of deputy civil law notary, Ilonka is authorized to act as an official substitute for civil law notaries.

Ilonka enjoys reading literature in her spare time and can be found at the hockey field during the weekends.