Dayenne Lo-A-Njoe

Lustrous Law | Dayenne Lo-A-Njoe

Dayenne works as an assigned civil law notary at Lustrous Law. She has been working in the field of corporate law since 2007 and joined Lustrous Law in 2010. After obtaining masters’ degrees in notarial law and private law at VU University Amsterdam she started as a deputy civil law notary in 2012 at Lustrous Law. Her wide experience as deputy civil law notary made that she has successfully completed the procedure to become an assigned civil law notary and that our Minister has granted the required approval for her appointment as assigned civil law notary.

In 2019 Dayenne was appointed and sworn in as assigned civil law notary. In her capacity of assigned civil law notary she has almost the same tasks and authorities as a civil law notary and is she authorized to perform official tasks independently. Furthermore, as assigned civil law notary she is authorized to act as an official substitute for civil law notaries.

She has wide experience in advising in setting up, changing and terminating of national and international corporate law structures. She advises people starting up their own businesses as well as seasoned advisors to large-scale national and international parties on matters relating to (cross-border) corporate law.

Together with the Lustrous Law partners, she provides guidance to the team of deputy civil law notaries and legal assistants.

Dayenne was born and grew up in Amsterdam. She enjoys travelling in her spare time and is interested in fashion and dance. She trained at a well-known dance academy in Amsterdam before finally deciding to study law.