Corporate Social Responsibility

We are entrepreneurs. Lustrous Law is in business to make a profit. However, we are not just interested in making profits. We also take an interest in the people around us and in the world we live and work in. Lustrous Law is for that reason a socially responsible corporation.

A deliberate and passionate choice. Our social responsibility is expressed in what we as Dutch civil law notaries can do. For instance, by setting up a charitable institution or a private foundation for business people or individuals with a solid and creative plan, without asking for a consideration. And of course we continue our assistance after incorporation, by fund-raising in a tax-friendly manner, by streamlining the decision-making process, or reporting.

For example, Lustrous law helped with the incorporation of inter alia:

  1. Stichting Smart Socks for Alzheimer
  2. Stichting Benefiets
  3. Stichting Midwest
  4. Stichting Gooische Run
  5. Stichting Pluto Zoetermeer
  6. Stichting SmithMagenis-Platform
  7. Stichting Desi
  8. Stichting Fight cancer