Lustrous Law is primarily focused on corporate law. We draft and review contracts. We execute notarial deeds and prepare corporate resolutions: in short, we provide legal certainty. We advise on complex legal issues. We assist in transactions. Where necessary, Lustrous Law manages and coordinates foreign lawyers, notaries and tax advisors, but also Dutch specialists in other areas of legal expertise.

Often in close cooperation with a client’s tax advisors and external auditors we design and review plans to restructure a company or a group of companies or to promote share or option plans for employees. Subsequently, Lustrous Law implements those plans as well.

We incorporate companies, or help them cease to exist, we convert them into legal forms under foreign jurisdictions, merge them with other companies (also cross-border), demerge them, wind them up and assist in their liquidation. If necessary, we amend articles of association, transfer shares, issue new shares or pledge shares to a bank.